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Activity Packs

Our collections of activities and information on running groups. We are in the process of working through and digitising these so that the individual activities are searchable on this site.

Leading for the Future

Leading for the Future

Woodcraft Folk's toolkit to support young people to develop participatory leadership

Take Action for our Planet Badgework

What is this all about? This badgework has been funded by the Royal Society of...
The cover of the 'Rainbow Resources' toolkit, depicting a six-colour rainbow around the IFM-SEI logo

Rainbow Resources

IFM-SEI's Rainbow Resources toolkit is packed with activities for all ages exploring gender and sexuality

Bored Meetings

This training course for young members aims to build the values, skills and knowledge needed...
Front cover of the IFM Gender Equality Handbook - an abstract design of multicoloured triangles

Gender Equality Handbook

Activities for all ages exploring gender equality
A group of 10-12 year olds at camp, holding a rainbow flag bearing the motto 'PEACE'

Peace Education Handbook

Activities for all ages exploring conflict and peace
Venturer bushcraft way education pack - two girls laughing in the woods

Venturer Bushcraft Way

Bushcraft activities for 13 to 15 year olds
Pioneer bushcraft way education pack cover - a pot hanging over a campfire

Pioneer Bushcraft Way

Bushcraft activities for 10 to 12 year olds
Elfin Bushcraft Way Education pack cover - a child making a funny face next to a clay face sculpture on a tree

Elfin Bushcraft Way

A selection of bushcraft activities for use with 6 - 9 year olds

Follow the Trail — Venturer & DF

A resource for Venturer and DF groups full of activities and tools to reflect on...

Follow the Trail — Elfin & Pioneers

A resource for Elfin and Pioneer groups full of activities and tools to reflect on...
A child wearing facepaint

Games, Games, Games

The fifth edition of Woodcraft Folk’s popular Games, Games, Games is now available to download....

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