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Peace Education Handbook

This handbook for educators is the result of collaboration between a number of IFM-SEI member organisations, and contains activities for young people aged from 5 and up. The Peace Education handbook contains lots of educational activities on understanding the causes and consequences and dynamics of conflicts, conflict transformation and mediation to promote peace education. The handbook is divided into two parts:

  • Food for thought, tips and information for peace educators.
  • Educational activities that you can run with children, young people or other group leaders and peer educators

The second part has three chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of peace education:

  • Understanding Conflict introduces different issues about conflict and war, raising awareness of its causes and consequences.
  • Transforming Conflicts focuses on the dynamics of conflict and the different ways we can deal with it – either aggressively or constructively.
  • Making Peace invites you to reflect on and develop ideas for peace and gives tools for peacebuilding, such as communication and dialogue skills.

The activity descriptions are structured so that you can quickly see what they are about. Don’t let the age group description put you off; you can adapt the activities for older or younger groups. Remember that the debriefing is the most important part of an activity – it’s better to shorten the active part than have to stop the debriefing early if you run out of time.

Group sizes
Activity types
Age suitability
Age suitability
Peace Words
An energetic activity to get young people thinking about peace
Pins and Balloons
An introductory game to explore violence and its roots, where everyone has to try to...
What is Violence?
Introduce young people to the topic of violence thought-provoking situations. You will be discussing different...
Planet of Aliens
A simulation game about aliens from different planets, to show the importance of communication and...
Barriers to peace
An activity where groups design their own walls to explore their function in conflict situations...
Attempt to make cakes to simulate the unequal distribution of resources and understand how conflicts...
A peaceful society
A debating activity to discuss the elements of a peaceful society.
Right to peace
Rank children’s rights according to how important they are to achieve peace.
A short activity using coloured stickers to divide people that introduces the concept of ‘othering’...
A group of 10-12 year olds at camp, holding a rainbow flag bearing the motto 'PEACE'


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