Browse or search for themes, ideas and activities to inspire a programme for your group that brings Woodcraft Folk’s aims & principles to life!

The perfect programme will contain a range of different types of activities, and explore big ideas in ways that are fun and accessible to young people. As our young members get older, they’ll be able to take more responsibility for planning and leading their own activities, supported by our adult volunteers.

To help you find the right resources, you can look for activities by age group, topic or type, as well as resource packs produced by Woodcraft Folk and our partners. Alternatively you can search all resources by keyword below. Additional programme resources can also be found in the Resource Drive (login required).


Our digital archive of group activities – games, discussions, craft and more – searchable by age group, topic and type of activity.

Activity Packs

Browse our back catalogue of activity packs — including collections of activities and information on running groups.

Staying Safe

Check out our Safeguarding resources to make sure you can deliver safe and enjoyable activities for young members and volunteers

Our programme resources:

Type of resource
Activities for Elfin Groups
Ideas to address a wide range of suitable themes and issues with 6 to 9 year olds.
Activities for Pioneer Groups
A wide range of activities for Pioneers, 10-12 year olds in Woodcraft Folk, on key topics linked to our shared Aims and Principles.
Activities for Venturer Groups
A wide range of activities for Venturers, 13-15 year olds in the Woodcraft Folk
Bored Meetings
Equality, respect and shared decision-making are central to Woodcraft Folk’s ways of working. Bored Meetings...
Follow the Trail — Elfin & Pioneers
A resource for Elfin and Pioneer groups full of activities and tools to reflect on our practice.
Follow the Trail — Venturer & DF
A resource for Venturer and DF groups full of activities and tools to reflect on our practice.
Games, Games, Games
The fifth edition of Woodcraft Folk’s popular Games, Games, Games is now available to download....
Issues for Venturers
This resource is designed to help explore some of these issues which concern young people at a level they can relate to and learn from
Programme planning
Your programme distinguishes a Woodcraft Folk group from a drop in youth club, and is...
Right to Strike Activity Pack
Two packs of ideas and activities about the right to strike.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email [email protected] 

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