Kids Got Rights!

Kids Got Rights! is a two-year project led by IFM-SEI and funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2022). The project brings together young people from 7 organisations across Europe. Kids Got Rights focuses on child participation and the empowerment of children through self-organisation and claiming their own rights. The project involves children from 8 to 13 years old in six international meetings and several national activities, besides a parallel research action, aimed at raising awareness and training children and adults around the topic of children’s participation rights.

The specific objectives of this project are:
  1. To educate and raise children and adults awareness on children’s rights, with a specific focus on the participation rights
  2. To support children in critically assessing the state of children’s rights in their everyday lives (schools, families, organisations, etc.) through the development of quality standards for the mainstreaming of children’s rights.
  3. To empower children to facilitate their self-organisation in groups to claim their rights and make a complaint when their rights are violated.
  4. To build knowledge on the state of child participation rights in children’s organisations, as well as the impact of the self-organisation of children on their development as citizens in a European context.

The project so far

In February 2021 each partner organisation formed a national group of around 15 children age 8-13, so-called Children’s Rights Superheroes

April 2021 Kick-off Meeting – The main objective of this meeting was to train coordinators and children on how to use co-design methodology for the self-analysis. It focused on discovering aspects for self-analysis and aims to raise awareness about it. In this meeting, we also went through the project tasks and timeline with the children. This was a great chance to virtually meet others from the partner organisations

Children Self-Analysis (April – July 2021) – One of the project outputs will be a research paper on the impact of children’s self-organisation on their development as citizens in a European context. This activity would carry out a Self-Analysis by the children about their realities and situation in relation to children’s rights in their local context, including their organisations.

Sharing realities (August 2021) – An international sharing meeting where partners shared (physically and virtually) educational practices and the results from the Children Self-Analysis.

Forming of Kids Hubs (October 2021)– Start with children forming kids hubs in their national context. The hubs have two main streams: The First stream, training the children on participation rights and self-organisation to equip them with the necessary competencies to set up self-organised spaces to claim their rights. The second stream, The Kids Hubs, will conduct workshops from children to children and workshops from children to adults on Children’s Rights, especially children’s right to participate.

Next Steps

Check-in Meeting (December 2021) – We hope to attend a Check-in meeting in Barcelona in December 2021. This is an international meeting where the project will monitor what has happened so far in the project and check in to advance the project plan and activities.

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