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Whether you’re looking to grow your group, raise funds to support your work, or access training for your volunteers, we’ve got you covered! Additional resources to support group administration, volunteer management and inclusive practice in Woodcraft Folk groups can be found in the Resource Drive (login required).


Volunteering in Scotland

To volunteer with Woodcraft Folk you need to apply using the form below. For most...
Green fundraising bucket with woodcraft folk logo


Key resources for volunteer fundraisers and group/district fundraising.
Training session - adults listening


Woodcraft Folk training is free for members, and a great chance to take a step...
holding hands


Woodcraft Folk's Safeguarding policies, procedures, template forms and resources to make sure your groups maintain...
woman and child at a group publicity stall

Group Publicity

Our young members and local groups are crucial to the legacy and existence of Woodcraft...

Volunteer Membership in England and Wales

To volunteer with Woodcraft Folk in England and Wales you need to join us as...
Green fundraising bucket with woodcraft folk logo

Group Finances

Key resources for group treasurers.
Bookshelf audit

Woodcraft Folk Library

All searchable list of all the resources you need to run your group

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email 

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