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Ranging in age from six to nine, Elfins is where many young people start their Woodcraft Folk journey. A varied programme of activities helps Elfin-age children discover their local environment, learn to co-operate, and express their opinions.

Making Big Ideas Accessible

The programme in an Elfin group will include everything from high-energy games to reflective discussions, helping young members grow in confidence and work with others. Activities often introduce important concepts and ideas in an age-appropriate way, such as exploring Fairtrade by cooking or baking together. Games and other activities will tend to emphasise taking part and working well together, rather than competition and individual achievement, embedding Woodcraft Folk’s co-operative ethos.

Everyone’s Welcome

We aim to make Woodcraft Folk accessible for everyone, and our volunteers are skilled at shaping a programme of activities that is inclusive of all abilities. Volunteers lead activities for our young members, or help behind the scenes. Many of the volunteers who run Elfin groups are parents or carers of children in the group — but it’s not essential by any means!

What happens in the group?

Many groups will plan their programme for the term around a theme, and Elfins will often have a chance to pick favourite activities or games to include.  Popular Elfin activities include:

  • Trying a new craft activity like screen printing or badgemaking
  • Drama games and activities
  • Laying and following a trail around the neighbourhood
  • Visiting a local park or green space to learn about nature
An Elfin in a woodcraft folk shirt, throwing a ball

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