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Aged five and under, Woodchips are our youngest Woodcraft Folk members. Local groups offer a range of fun and family-friendly activities that introduce children to working together in a group.

Introducing Woodcraft Folk values

Our programme for Woodchips helps them learn important skills like taking turns, sharing thoughts and ideas with the group, and being kind to each other. These will lay a foundation for everything they do at Woodcraft Folk as they develop and grow.

We do this by playing games, telling stories, singing songs and making things. Woodchips may have the chance to go on their first trips away with Woodcraft Folk.

4 Woodchips and 3 adults toasting marshmallows on a small fire

Fun for adults too

Many Woodchip groups work on a ‘stay and play’ basis, where the majority of parents & carers join in the session with their child. Often adults take a turn in planning and leading an activity.

What happens in the group?

Each group will plan its own programme of activities, but typical activities for Woodchip groups might include:

  • Learning and singing songs together
  • Simple craft activities such as collage or clay modeling
  • Planting bulbs or seeds in a pocket park or community garden
  • A nature walk to explore the local area
Children running under a rainbow coloured parachute

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