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Venturer groups are for young people aged from thirteen to fifteen. Venturers take more responsibility for shaping their own group activities, with support and advice from adult volunteers.

Education for Social Change

Venturer groups will offer a broad and engaging programme of activities, many led by the young people themselves. A key difference from younger age groups is that Venturer groups are often more outwardly focussed — taking what they have learned and applying it in their own community, through campaigning and social action on issues that matter to them.

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Taking the Lead

Volunteers working with Venturers will typically take on more of a facilitative, coaching role, helping young people achieve the goals that they set for themselves and making sure the group is a safe and supportive environment for all. Most Venturer groups are supported by a small group of volunteers, unlike many Elfin or Pioneer groups.

What happens in the group?

Alongside campaigning and social action projects, Venturers have the chance to get outdoors and try adventurous activities. There are also opportunities for Venturers to connect with groups from other parts of the UK. A Venturer programme could include

  • Meeting a local MP to raise issues that matter to the group
  • Canoeing, climbing or abseiling, led by qualified instructors
  • Working towards an externally recognised programme such as the John Muir Award
  • Running a workshop for their peers to share a skill or talent

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