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Pioneers are aged between ten to twelve. As their knowledge and understanding of the world increases, activities are geared towards helping them think critically and become more independent.

Active and Imaginative

Physical activities such as energetic games are often an important part of Pioneer programme, but groups will also explore big ideas through discussion and debate, helping young people become confident expressing their opinions. Young people will be actively involved in shaping the a programme that addresses their interests.

A group of Pioneers playing catch in the woods
a volunteer in a woodcraft folk t shirt helping a child on a walk

A Supportive Environment

At a time when much is changing in young people’s lives, a Pioneer group can provide a stable and supportive peer group for our young members. A wide range of volunteers support the running of Pioneer groups, enabling young people to have positive relationships with adults that are rooted in mutual respect and shared values.

What happens in the group?

Pioneers will be actively involved in setting themes or suggesting activities for their group, but groups activities could include:

  • Learning bushcraft or survival skills
  • Playing a simulation game to learn about global trade
  • ‘Wide games’ such as Capture the Flag in a local park or woodland
  • Planning a small camp or a trip to one of Woodcraft Folk’s residential centres

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