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Woodcraft Folk groups meet all across England, Wales and Scotland. Enter your postcode below to find your local group.

If you have any questions about joining a local group, or want support finding your nearest local group, our Membership Team are on hand to help. You can contact them at or call on 020 7703 4173. 

The team are also on hand to support you if you are wanting to set up a new group in your local area. More can be found out about that here >

For those who don’t have a local group nearby, we have Voyager membership for 10-15 year olds so that you can be still be a part of the movement but from home. Find out more and sign up here >

      Volunteer with us

      Find your local group and get in contact to start volunteering with a group. Or follow the link below to find out about other opportunities at our volunteering hub.

      Start a new group

      How about getting together with some like minded friends to set up a new group? We have all the resources and training to help get you off to a flying start.

      Voyager Membership

      Join our Voyager Membership if you cannot attend a local group.Voyagers receive lots of benefits such as receiving a copy of our welcome pack, receiving special invites to our events. There is the opportunity to attend regional and national events.

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