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Woodcraft Folk is the co-operative movement for children and young people. We believe passionately in equality and co-operation and everyone is welcome to join us. 

We help children and young people to understand important issues about the world: the environment, world debt, global conflict and sustainable development. The work we do supports our young members to build a peaceful, fairer world, and to develop their own ideas, their self-confidence and their skills.  We work to ensure that young people’s voices are listened to and amplified, so they can take an active role in shaping our world and their future.

the back of someone wearing a hoody with iwoodcraft folk written on it
group of 10 children playing in a stream in the woods

Every week thousands of volunteers and young people meet in school halls, community venues and a host of other places. There they learn about big ideas through fun activities like singing, camping, playing and debating.

We are increasing our use of online tools to deliver our programmes for young people and connect our young members with their peers across the UK and beyond. Follow the links to find out more about our work in Scotland and Wales.

Our dedicated #DreamBigAtHome site enables young people and their families who aren’t able to access a local group to participate in a range of activities rooted in Woodcraft Folk’s values.

Browse our activities, contact our Head Office or get in touch with your local group to find out more. Woodcraft Folk’s articles of association and other constitutional documents can be found in the Resource Library (login required).

You can find the latest copy of Woodcraft Folk’s Annual Report and Accounts here

young man in a yellow hoody talking at a meeting

We are Woodcraft Folk and we are youth led​

We support young people to participate, take the lead, and make decisions about their programme and how the organisation is run. We empower them to become active citizens locally and globally. 

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