Woodcraft Folk’s income comes largely from donations from individuals, and from the regular contributions made by the families who participate in our weekly groups.

Our work is also supported by generous contributions from our friends in the UK Co-operative Movement, and by a range of grants that we receive to support our projects and develop new resources for our groups.

We are proud to be part of many UK-wide and international networks, which enables us to share ideas and resources with other organisations who share Woodcraft Folk’s mission and values. 

With your help we can achieve even more for children and young people. Why not support our work with a regular contribution or a one-off donation?

Families sitting and standing around a campfire

We are Woodcraft Folk and we’ve been running since 1925 and we’re still going strong!

We’ve changed over the past century, but draw on our heritage and what we’ve learnt as we move forward. 

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