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What is a Voyager Membership?

Traditionally, for nearly 100 years, young people have been members of our organisation through attending local groups and taking part in local and regional events. We are introducing the Voyager membership, through being a Voyager you are part of Woodcraft Folk, a movement with 200 groups for young people across the UK. Woodcraft Folk members explore the social and natural world around us through games, crafts, debates, drama activities, workshops and outdoor activities.

Voyagers are young people under 16 who want to be part of Woodcraft Folk but, for whatever reason, are not part of a local group or district.

As part of your membership you will receive:

Ways to get involved

Being a Voyager will mean you are a Woodcraft Folk member which means receiving special invites to our events. There is the opportunity to attend regional and national events run at a variety of locations across the UK. Events vary from a full day event to a week-long camp! Woodcraft folk are passionate about empowering young people and supporting them to explore the social and natural world around us.


There are a wide range of events we run from bushcraft themed sessions to camps filled with
workshops, adventurous activities, games and more! Voyagers attend events at a members rate and can get involved with national and international project and events. Our Camps for All events are a great way to get involved with Woodcraft Folk, make new friends and participate in fun, adventurous and cooperative activities. Events can be found on our Camps for All web page and we’ll also tell you about these and other upcoming events in your half termly activity newsletter.

“I mostly enjoyed meeting new people and making friends with them. The activities and games at camp were really fun, especially the crate stacking”

– Kate, 12, Camps for All Participant

How much does it cost?

£25 for individual voyager membership, £45 for two children membership for a year. Your contribution is allowing us to continue our work engaging with children and young people across the UK and we hope you will gain a lot from being part of a cooperative movement with endless opportunities.

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