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Type of resource
Access Membership on Groop - Tutorial video
This short tutorial explains how Membership Secretaries can access membership and screening information for the...
Activities for Elfin Groups
Ideas to address a wide range of suitable themes and issues with 6 to 9 year olds.
Activities for Pioneer Groups
A wide range of activities for Pioneers, 10-12 year olds in Woodcraft Folk, on key topics linked to our shared Aims and Principles.
Activities for Venturer Groups
A wide range of activities for Venturers, 13-15 year olds in the Woodcraft Folk
Adventures for All resources
Welcome to this resources list! If you want to help fundraise for the Christmas Challenge...
Adventures for All social media
Example Tweet: I donated to Adventures for All #ChristmasChallenge to help more children go on...
Applying for a DBS Certificate
If you want to volunteer with us and work with our children and young people, you will need a current DBS certificate.
Banking Guidance
Advice on opening a bank account for your group or district
Being part of the Folk
All Woodcraft Folk groups work slightly differently, but we share strong values that help us...
Bored Meetings
Equality, respect and shared decision-making are central to Woodcraft Folk’s ways of working. Bored Meetings...
Bored Meetings
This training course for young members aims to build the values, skills and knowledge needed...
Brand guidelines
When you’re sending communications out on behalf of Woodcraft Folk follow these simple steps to help us become better known and understood.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email info@woodcraft.org.uk 

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