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Group Publicity

Our young members and local groups are crucial to the legacy and existence of Woodcraft Folk. There are lots of ways to publicise your group which will also help to promote the national movement and create awareness of the charity.

In this section,  are some useful resources to use when communicating and also marketing your group. You can find guidance on branding, key messaging and also publicity materials. 

Don’t forget that most people won’t sign up after seeing one poster or flyer, we also suggest setting up social media accounts and utilizing local press outlets. Use as many approaches as you have time for, and if possible, mix these with outreach activity. A useful introductory guide to watch is our Communications 101 webinar, which you can find here that covers branding basics, social media marketing and securing local press. 

The Woodcraft Folk Communications Team can also help to promote local group activity and events. You can submit news story’s and events you would like uploaded to the Woodcraft Folk website via this form. Don’t forget to also let the Comms Team know of any changes that need to be made to your local group listing on the national website which you can also do via the form. 

We are constantly creating additional publicity templates which can be accessed here as well as a handy guide on promotional material. You can request tailored promotional templates and printing of promotional material by Woodcraft Folk’s Communications Team. You do this by filling in this form.

The Communications Team can support with any promotional advise. Please email Lauren at if you require any help. 

If you need any volunteering opportunities uploaded to the national website, you can submit those here

Key messages

Our set of key messages to use when creating Woodcraft Folk publicity materials and for when communicating. This helps us be better known and understood.

Brand guidelines

When you’re sending communications out on behalf of Woodcraft Folk or promoting your group, follow these guidelines to help us become visually consistent and recognisable.

Publicity leaflets and posters

Take a look at examples of leaflets and posters that you can use to publicise your group in your local community as well as a press release template.

Publicity resources:

Type of resource
Social media graphics
On this page in the side panel, you can download PDF versions of social media...
Publicity Posters
On this page you can download PDF and .jpg versions of posters that you can...
Publicity Leaflets
On this page you can download PDF versions of leaflets that you can use to...
Publicity Leaflets - Community Languages
Please note that this page is in the process of being updated, with new artwork...
Brand guidelines
When you’re sending communications out on behalf of Woodcraft Folk follow these simple steps to...
Key Messages
To help us to be better known and understood, we've put together a set of...
Publicity and Outreach
Initial publicity Word of mouth can be very effective at the beginning, but don’t stop...

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email 

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