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Social media graphics

On this page in the side panel, you can download PDF versions of social media graphics that you can use to advertise your group to young people, parents and carers, and potential volunteers. In addition to this, we have provided a leaflet to help with volunteer recruitment for your local group. We are constantly creating additional social media templates which can be accessed here as well as a handy guide on promotional material.

You can also find a template for a press release here if you want to promote your group with local media outlets. If you need any help with contacting the press, please contact Our our Communications 101 webinar, which you can find here also has some handy tips on how to secure media coverage. It is important to include a few images with your press release and to attach all these to a cover email. It is usually advised to ring the press outlet too to inform them of your story and a press release being on its way.

You can request tailored promotional templates and printing of promotional material by Woodcraft Folk’s Communications Team. You do this by filling in this form. The Communications Team also have customisable templates available that can be accessed on platform Canva for you to edit yourself. If you wish to have access to these, please email This is a very easy to use, drag and drop platform where you will be able to insert your own images and information on your group to templates for both social media graphics and posters/templates. When editing the graphics, please reference the brand guidelines document which can be accessed here. It is also really important that you copy the template files you want to use before you edit them otherwise you will work and write over the master copy. 

The central office can also support with distributing news stories and promoting your group via Woodcraft Folk’s national communications channels. You can submit news stories here or contact the central office on the email address above for more specific support.

Contact if you have any questions regarding promoting your group.


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