Woodcraft Folk is always keen to expand into new communities — if you would like to be part of setting up a new group in your area we’d love to hear from you.

Woodcraft Folk’s membership team can support you to connect with other potential volunteers, access training and plan the launch of your group.

Complete the form below to register your interest, or email [email protected] to find out more.

If you do not have a group nearby, there’s still plenty you can get involved with. Visit #DreamBigAtHome for details of our online programme and other ways to explore Woodcraft Folk activities from home.

What's Involved?

Find out more about what you need to do to get a new Woodcraft Folk group off the ground in your community

Get Started

Complete our simple online form to tell us about your plans to start a new group in your local area

Training & Support

Browse our archive of training webinars, workshop session plans and downloadable factsheets to build your knowledge and skills

Resources for New Groups:

Type of resource
Risk Assessment
A simple template for use when risk assessing group activities
Staying Safe
This session is designed to introduce volunteers to Woodcraft Folk’s approach to safeguarding and child...
Membership FAQs
Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about joining, renewing your membership, volunteer screening checks...
Code of Behaviour
The Code of Behaviour outlines the standards of conduct that Woodcraft Folk expects from volunteers and staff
Camp & Residential Planning Webinar - March 2022
Andy Taylor, Head of Centres, explores the issues you need to consider when planning for a camp or weekend away
Managing Behaviour
Key Principles Safety The safety of everyone involved is the most important factor; be it...
Games for Groups
Download a quick-reference guide to over a hundred groups to play with groups of all...
Outcomes for Young People
An effective programme of activities for a Woodcraft Folk group needs to explore our aims...
Gender Equality Handbook
Activities for all ages exploring gender equality
Peace Education Handbook
Activities for all ages exploring conflict and peace

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