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Get in touch with us – Setting up a new group

Thank you for taking the next step in your decision to start a new Woodcraft Folk group. Whether you’re at the point of registering your interest or just want more information you may want to take advantage of joining our New Groups community or booking a call with our Membership & Group Manager to talk about your plans to set up a group.

As we’re widespread across the UK we want to make sure our new volunteers have the appropriate tools to communicate easily with staff, have access to Woodcraft Folk news & events, and more importantly benefit from regular peer to peer support. Get in touch with us now to find out more:

Register your interest

Complete our simple online form to tell us about your plans to start a new group in your local area. Our membership team will endeavour to get back to you within 3 working days.

Our New Groups Community

Join our dedicated space for new group volunteers. Our online community is a great place to share information, discuss recent experiences, ask questions and receive support from felllow volunteers whilst setting up a new group. We’re using a platform called Guild, which you can easily subscribe by clicking the button below. Guild can be downloaded as an app onto your phone or electronic device. You’re welcome to post messages and receive notifications when there has been activity on the message board. 

Join now and let’s work on creating a co-operative, inspiring and supportive new groups community!!

New Groups Phone Surgery

You can now book a call with our Membership & Groups Manager. A scheduled call is a great opportunity for you to prepare and ask questions, receive one to one support & advice, discuss any roadblocks to starting a new group or just a place to vent. These calls are one of the ways you can link directly with a staff member whose role is to support at Woodcraft Folk.


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