Key Messages

To help us to be better known and understood, we’ve put together a style guide and set of key messages to use when creating your own Woodcraft Folk publicity materials.

We are Woodcraft Folk and…

… we change the world.

We support our members to celebrate and question the world around them. We enable them to bring about the changes that they want in order to create a more equal and caring world.

… we are youth led. 

We support young people to participate, take the lead, and make decisions about their programme and how the organisation is run. We empower them to become active citizens locally and globally. 

… we welcome everyone. 

Our groups, events, centres and volunteer roles are open to all. We do our best to remove any barriers to participation. 

… we are co-operative.

We practice cooperation and teamwork through all of our activities.

we understand and respect our one world. 

We think it’s important to learn about our environment and how we can take better care of it. We develop international understanding and friendship through our activities and exchanges.

… we’ve been running since 1925 and we’re still going strong!

We’ve changed over the past century, but draw on our heritage and what we’ve learnt as we move forward. 

Example elevator pitch:

Woodcraft Folk is a co-operative youth movement open to everyone. We support children to take the lead and change their world through weekly group activities and camping trips. Woodcraft Folk activities develop children’s understanding and respect of the world around them. We’ve been running since 1925 and we’re still going strong!


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