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Type of resource
DBS online system for Membership Secretaries - Know Your People
Information to help you access the online DBS system and verify an application.
Applying for a DBS Certificate - Know Your People
If you want to volunteer with us and work with our children and young people,...
Adventures for All resources
Welcome to this resources list! If you want to help fundraise for the Christmas Challenge...
Managing Behaviour Webinar
This webinar looks at how leaders can promote positive and cooperative behaviour at group night...
Transport to Camps & Residentials
Advice on transporting volunteers, young people and equipment to your campsite or residential venue
Wild Camping
Wild camping can offer the ultimate back-to-nature experience for small groups, whether as part of...
Group Registration 2024
Woodcraft Folk Annual Group Registration All groups are expected to complete the following for Group...
Membership FAQs
Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about joining, renewing your membership, volunteer screening checks...
Games for Groups
Download a quick-reference guide to over a hundred groups to play with groups of all...
Children's Rights Training
Woodcraft Folk is committed to the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child...
Elfin, Pioneer & Venturer Badges
Order cloth badges, and discover how to use these as part of your group's programme
Food Food Food
A downloadable pdf of recipes suitable for camps and residentials

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