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Group Registration 2024

Woodcraft Folk Annual Group Registration

All groups are expected to complete the following for Group Registration 2024:

  1. Complete the ‘Group Registration Form 2024’ to share basic information about your group’s meeting details (time, venue, day etc), contact information, officeholders and activities. Click here to be taken to the Group Registration Form 2024.
  2. Record all children regularly attending group night activities on Groop.
  3. Payment of fees in January 2024

The deadline for submitting your online annual registration is the 8 January 2024. Attached are step by step instructions on how to register your groups for 2024.

Watch a video about the Group registration 2024 process, to be recorded on Monday 4th December by the Membership & Groups Team.

Payment of registration fees

This years fees:

Group registration fee – £157.50

Child registration fee – £15.50

Districts will be invoiced in January based on the number of children registered. It is important for groups to provide accurate and timely information so that District Treasurers can process the invoice quickly.

If you have any questions we’re on hand to help, please email or call 020 8126 9339 

District Registration

In addition to registering groups we also want our Districts to update us on their current officeholders and answer a few questions open & closed groups and insurance. Deadline for submissions 8th January 2024.

To complete our District Update Form click here.


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