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DBS online system for Membership Secretaries – Know Your People

If you’re a Membership Secretary who wishes to access the online DBS system and verify an application go to Know Your People.  We’ve recently migrated to a new platform, if you do not have a login or are unsure of how to use the platform email

ID documents must be witnessed either in person or via video call. ID documents witnessed by video call this must be seen in person within a couple weeks of the application being submitted to the DBS. You should not use scans, photos or photocopies to verify a members identity. 

You’ll need: 

Once you’ve verified a members application it will be sent to the Disclosure & Barring Service for processing. Details of the DBS certificate will be sent to both the member and Woodcraft Folk, so there is no need to witness a DBS certificate unless we’re advised that there is a conviction/caution/reprimand or warning listed on it. 

Know Your People Guidance Video

To find out more about the KYP platform watch our guidance video. Coming soon!!

Information on the DBS Update Service

For more information on how the DBS Update Service works at Woodcraft Folk. Go to

Technical Support 

If you need techinical support with the Know Your People disclosure online system you can contact them via their live chat, which is accessible in the Help section.

All DBS and Membership related questions please contact Folk Office directly at


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