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First and foremost this is a recipe book. The recipes have been chosen to reflect various tastes – but we have tried to keep them relatively simple to make. It is not a guide on how to set up your kitchen, or how to organiseyour clan duties for camp cooking. There are many variations on that theme within the movement.

The recipes are divided into sections:- breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sides and desserts. The original plan was to include campfire cooking recipes, but we decided that another publication on bushcraft recipes and open fire cooking might be welcomed at a later point. All recipes included are designed to serve 10 people. The idea is that these can then be multiplied up easily for larger camps. Some of these recipes require an oven and some do not. The recipes use metric measurements or the US “cups” system – this is ideal for camping. We have also included conversion charts for your use.

We hope there is something here for everyone. We have included meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Many recipes are of course interchangeable, i.e. adding meat to a vegetarian Tagine, or using Quorn mince or T.V.P and vegetable stock instead of beef and meat stock in a Chilli etc.


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