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Applying for a DBS Certificate – Know Your People

If you want to volunteer with us and work with our children and young people, you will need a current DBS certificate. There is no charge for volunteers to get a disclosure through the DBS. You can now go on to our the online system Know Your People to create and complete an application.

Once you’ve completed your application, the next stage will be to take your ID along to your group or District Membership Secretary to be witnessed. Your Membership Secretary will then go on to the online system, verify your application and send it off for processing.

What you need

  • You have to become a member of Woodcraft Folk — To apply click here
  • Create and complete a DBS application on Know Your People.
  • District Organisation PIN — if you’re unsure of your District’s PIN, check our list & follow the link
  • Access code word — this will be given to you by your local Membership Secretary or is available by emailing
  • Your identity documents (passport, driving licence, utility bill etc)

Further guidance can be found in the Candidate Experience guide (from page 37) document provided by Know Your People

A different process exists to handle applications by transgender volunteers – to find out more visit the Sensitive Applications page.

Update Service

Woodcraft Folk can subscribe you to the DBS Update Service, which will enable us to renew your certificate automatically, and also enable your status to be checked by other organisations you work with without needing to apply again. To do this you need to give Woodcraft Folk your permission by emailing once you’ve completed your application.

If you have a DBS certificate processed by another organisation and have already subscribed to the Update Service Scheme you can use this disclosure with us. Read our Update Service guidance for more information.

Technical Support

If you have any difficulties with using Know Your People, you can contact them via their live chat found at

For any other questions about DBS and Membership contact the membership team by emailing


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