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Applying for a DBS Certificate - Know Your People
If you want to volunteer with us and work with our children and young people,...
Safeguarding Policy
Woodcraft Folk’s Safeguarding Policy must be followed by everyone, and across all the organisation’s activities,...
Have a Good Weekend!
Advice for volunteers attending their first Woodcraft Folk camp or residential trip
Transport to Camps & Residentials
Advice on transporting volunteers, young people and equipment to your campsite or residential venue
Gas Safety Guidance
Advice for groups on the safe use of bottled gas (LPG cylinders) for cooking at...
Leading for the Future
Woodcraft Folk's toolkit to support young people to develop participatory leadership
First Aid Guidance
Determine what level of first aid training and cover you need for your activities
Risk Assessment
A simple template for use when risk assessing group activities
Staying Safe
An adaptable session plan to support you to run safeguarding training for volunteers in your...
Membership FAQs
Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about joining, renewing your membership, volunteer screening checks...
Code of Behaviour
The Code of Behaviour outlines the standards of conduct that Woodcraft Folk expects from volunteers...
Reasonable Adjustment Guidance
Advice on making changes to your ways of working to support the participation of disabled...

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