Publicity and Outreach

Initial publicity

Word of mouth can be very effective at the beginning, but don’t stop there

  • Request flyers from head office: we have flyers to attract volunteers, and ones targeting families which you can download from our website
  • Use posters to advertise your group nights at local libraries, community centers, cafes and schools etc. Posters are available from staff or you can download them from our website. 
  • Hold taster sessions to encourage parents and children to come along and find out more about your group 

Publicity to children and families

Once you know where and when your group will meet, you will want to start publicising it to more children and families. 

Social media and local websites can be very effective in attracting new families. You will find guidance on how to use social media safely here.

  • Promote your group in online networks of like minded organisations and local community groups
  • Set up a Facebook and Instagram page, Twitter profile to advertise your group.
  • Netmums and Gumtree have also been effective in finding volunteers and families. 
  • Contact local schools – you could offer to hold an assembly, or taster activities after school, if this seems a bit daunting maybe you could write some text for the school newsletter and consider giving children flyers to take home.  

Hold taster sessions

Try to hold at least one taster session before you start your group. They’re a great way to build your experience and reflect what you have learnt. Your sessions can be held indoors or outdoors. Run activities for children and also take the opportunity to introduce parents and carers to Woodcraft Folk. 

You can hold taster sessions throughout the year to help with recruitment.

Recruiting volunteers and registering with your local volunteer centre

To increase the adult capacity of your group we recommend that you recruit volunteers. 

Our volunteer toolkit is a great resource to help you recruit and support volunteers. It is always important to support new volunteers, and communicate what is expected of the, through an induction.  

Contact your local volunteer centre and place an advert with them for the roles you are looking for. Don’t forget there are local student volunteering hubs too –  you could target students on courses that reflect the roles you need.

Here are a few websites where you can advertise for volunteers:

Continue on your new group journey

The New Group Journey is organised into seven broad subject areas:
1. People you need 
2. Working together
3. Publicity and outreach
4. Finance
5. Programme planning 
6. Being part of the Folk
7. Staying safe


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