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Programme planning

Programme planning is the main way of exploring the aims and principles of Woodcraft Folk with your group. Planning your sessions in advance will ensure continuity, and give you the confidence and structure to be flexible and creative. 

Developing your programme 

  • We recommend that you arrange termly planning meetings to set out your programme in advance.  
  • Play to the strengths and enthusiasms of those in the group – that means young people as well as adult leaders.
  • Make sure your activities promote our aims and principles. You’re not a Woodcraft group if your sessions don’t reflect the  values of the organisation set out in the aims, principles and programme.

Programme ideas 

  • Co-operative games are a vital part of the Woodcraft Folk. The book and DVD ‘Games, Games, Games’ is available via our shop email
  • Woodcraft Folk have badges and working towards them can be a helpful way to structure a term. Check out Elfin badge work and Pioneer badge work information.
  • Go to the Woodcraft website which has lots of downloadable resources that help explore big ideas in ways that are accessible for children and young people
  • Plan a social activity. Your group activities are an opportunity to engage young people in improving their own neighbourhood, in raising awareness of campaigns for social justice locally and globally and having an impact on the world around them.
  • Linking in with annual observance dates such International Women’s Day, Refugee Week or May Day is a great way to get your groups thinking about big ideas.   

Online programme & Dream Big at Home 

In addition to providing face to face programme, groups can also offer online programme via online video call platforms like zoom, google meet and skype. During periods when groups can not actually physically meet we’ve found that online programme is a great way to link up children and young people, play games and continue a sense of community. 

We’ve a number of resources that can be used to help you to provide online programme which can be found here   along with guidance to support safe online spaces. In addition we’ve also launched our Dream Big at Home website which offers a calendar or live online events, resources for groups to use and weekly challenges that can be used by children and young people on their own and in groups.

Plan a trip

This can be a big or little trip/ day activity 

  • Organise a day trip or walk beyond the weekly group night to help everyone get to know each other better. 
  • Plan a camp or hostel trip. Check out Woodcraft’s outdoor centres or find a nearby campsite.  
  • If you’re daunted by the idea of a residential trip, consider linking up with your district or another group.
  • Remember that ALL adults on a residential need to be members, and have their DBS/PVG forms back. 

Camping and hostelling are an important part of the Woodcraft Folk experience. For more guidance on organising an overnight trip see here

Continue on your new group journey

The New Group Journey is organised into seven broad subject areas:
1. People you need 
2. Working together
3. Publicity and outreach
4. Finance
5. Programme planning 
6. Being part of the Folk
7. Staying safe


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