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Biblins Bimble

As our centres plan to reopen Biblins encourage you to put your boots on to complete the Biblins Bimble.

Biblins is nestled along the River Wye and hosts part of the Wye Valley Walk. As COVID restrictions are lifted we encourage you to walk, swim or cycle the equivalent length of the Wye Valley Walk from 29th March to 31st May 2021. The Biblins Bimble challenge is in two parts, you can either:

  1. Swim, walk or cycle 146 miles (the length of the Wye Valley Walk) over 9 weeks in your local area
  2. Participate in weekly photo challenges linked to the historic and heritage sites along the Wye Valley Walk, for example one week we will encourage you to photograph blossom as you virtually explore the apple orchards and cider farms of Herefordshire.

Everyone participating will recieve a Biblins Bimble medal….. To be unveiled 29th March.

You’ve got till 31st May to complete the challenge. Whether you walk, run, cycle or a combination of all three you can cover the distance at your own pace, in your own area. Although everyone will be walking in their own local areas, our weekly challenges will give a taste of the history and scenery along the river. Please do share photos of your trips with us #BiblinsBimble #OutdoorAventures, let’s keep each other motivated along the way.

All funds raised through the #BiblinsBimble will be used to ensure that the site is here and ready as soon as that is possible, and to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the benefits of camping and living together in the outdoors. 

To sign up visit the events page. Ticket prices start at £7.50 for children.

This event is the first in a series being organised as part of the #OutdoorAdventures campaign. To show your support visit our Just Giving page  .

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