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Woodcraft Folk guide teachers in how outdoor education can align with curriculum

Being outside with young people is key to mental and physical health, it improves focus...
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Green Influencer scheme brings summer of activities to young people in HAF programme offering

This Summer, Elaine, Woodcraft Folk’s Development Officer worked with a local partnership organisation (Hyde Park...

The Green Influencers Scheme comes to a close but environmental social action continues

The Green Influencers Scheme is coming to an end in July after three years. The...
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Green Influencer's gets project extension

Youth organisation Woodcraft Folk are really happy to announce that the Green Influencer scheme has...

Woodcraft Folk is building a team of young Green Influencers

Rooted in Woodcraft Folk’s aims and principles is nature and the environment. The charity encourages...

A Very Busy #IWill Week

The end of November was a busy time for the Woodcraft Folk Green Influencers in...
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Milestone for ‘Green Influencers’ project

As the world gears up for COP26, the Green Influencers scheme has reached a milestone...

Membership Badge Competition

The search for the design for Woodcraft Folk’s 2022 membership badge is on! The theme...
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Green Influencers Scheme Conference

On Tuesday 30 March, Owen – Head of Membership and Programme and Elaine, our Green...
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Green Influencers Launch Event - A Turtle Success

On Monday (1st March) we had our online launch event for the Green Influencers Scheme...
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Launch of the Green Influencers Scheme

Woodcraft Folk are pleased to announce the launch of the Green Influencers Scheme supported by...
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Green Influencers Scheme

Woodcraft Folk are pleased to join 40 other organisations in the Ernest Cook #iwill Green...

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