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Woodcraft Folk launches Kids got Rights! toolkit

Kids Got Rights! is a two-year project led by IFM-SEI and funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2022). 

The project brings together young people from seven organisations across Europe including Woodcraft Folk. Partner organisations in the project are Nuorten Kotkien Keskusliitto (NKK, Finland),  Arciragazzi (Italy),  Esplais Catalans (ESPLAC, Spain), University of Barcelona (UB, Research Group), Kinderfreunde ( Austria), Slovenian Falcons Youth Union (SFYU, Slovenia)  and DUI-LEG og VIRKE (DUI, Denmark).

The project has seen 15 ‘Children’s Rights Superheroes’ from each organisation develop skills, knowledge and confidence in talking about, questioning and advocating for children’s rights. This has included taking part in international events to meet with partner organisations such as a trip to Barcelona earlier this year and a trip to take part in the ‘Children’s Hubs’ in Austria. The project activities also included national events where participants have reflected on how the United Nations Convention on the rights of children (UNCRC) is being adhered to in their everyday lives.

The Kids Got Rights project participants came together for a final time this summer at Common Ground international camp in Northampton. The Superheroes from all organisations had a chance to lead workshops they had created together for the participants of the camp.

Credit IFM-SEI
Credit IFM-SEI

Part of the project was to develop a toolkit to help organisations start conversations about children’s rights with young people. The toolkit is full of activities, discussion ideas and information about the UNCRC and how young people can recognise and challenge when their rights are and are not being met and respected. Check out the toolkit here and try some of the activities yourself, with your group or with family and friends. The toolkit was inspired by the voices of the Children’s Rights superheroes and is easily accessible for young people to use themselves. 

The final part of the project is to launch a new handbook for group leaders focusing on supporting young people to advocate for causes that matter to them. The handbook focuses on the children’s rights which are about participating in advocacy and prompting youth voices being heard to encourage change. 

To find out more about the Kids Got Rights project go to the project page.

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