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E-mpACT project heads to Berlin for methodology research weekend

From the 4th to the 6th of November, two Woodcraft Folk DFs from Brighton, Lilith and Izzy and one ESC volunteer, Eva, spent the weekend in Berlin to participate in non-formal education training on how to conduct your own research as part of the E-mpACT project. The weekend follows a recent trip that saw the E-mpACT project head to Slovenia.

Empact is a IFM-SEI project focusing on addressing the youth needs during and post covid-19 pandemic, addressing digitalization, non-formal education and international solidarity. E-mpACT aims to raise awareness in youth work by examining the pandemic’s impact on non-formal education. 13 participants from five different countries (The UK, Zimbabwe, Slovenia, Peru and Norway) gathered together and shared their experiences of the pandemic’s impacts on young people. Then, during the workshop they worked in small groups to reflect on research, especially youth-led findings. Collating all the resources and the research toolbox they had, at the end of the workshop, they were able to co-design a research project.

Woodcraft Folk participant Lilith says at the end of the day “I didn’t know anything about research, now I have a pretty good understanding”.

After a long day full of information, the host organisation planned a feminist tour walk of Berlin, the group discovered the city and learnt some interesting facts about Berlin with a feminist point of view. 

Eva, ESC volunteer who went to support the two DFs says:

“We had a great time during the feminist tour, the stories were diverse and interesting to listen to.”

During the last day, the group planned the next steps; to deliver a workshop in their home countries – with all the tools they sourced during the weekend. In March 2023, they will all come together during an online meeting and share the result of their data and the material they collected.

The E-mpACT Team from Woodcraft Folk will now come together and work on developing national training for young leaders as well as finding a place for online youth work as a valuable tool of engaging with young people and bringing them brilliant experiences.  

Particpant Lilith says:

“I enjoyed meeting new people and talking about the differences around the world was really interesting. This weekend was an incredible opportunity, thanks to Woodcraft Folk.”

Participant Izzie went on to say – “I went out of my comfort zone, I talked to people and learnt new things. The workshop was really well structured and interactive.”

Find more about the E-mpACT project here

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