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Young Woodcraft Folk members share survey insights with UN Human Rights

This year the UN Human Rights Office will be writing a report that will be presented to governments about how children’s rights are protected in different countries. This is all leading up to March 2024 where state representatives will negotiate a resolution to all the points made in the report. The UNHRO will then discuss how to advance child rights through inclusive social protection. The report will be informed by all the information collected by a range of sources including young people themselves!

Recently, Woodcraft Folk asked group leaders to encourage their young members to take part in a survey from the UN about their rights to social protection and inclusion. Many groups took part in the activity, answering questions about what young people know about their rights and what actions by the Government they hope to see in the future to support young people from all backgrounds and circumstances.  

On Thursday 16 March, two young members of Woodcraft Folk attended an online call with the UN Human Rights to share the answers from Woodcraft Folk groups who had completed the survey. Marianne, a  Pioneer from Highgate and Holloway and Daisy-Mae, a Venturer from New Barnet were able to share their own views as well as those collected by other young members of the organisation about social protection and inclusion in the UK and what they feel the challenges and barriers some young people face to experience a safe, healthy, happy and fair childhood.

Daisy-May aged 15 says:

“Many young people get free school meals which helps them have healthy food at school which I think should continue. There is a good amount of mental health support for young people in some areas but this should be across the whole country. We could do more in schools to learn about children’s rights.”  

The call was also attended by young people from other countries; there were young people from countries including Mozambique, New Zealand, India, the Netherlands and Belgium that gave Woodcraft Folk participants a new perspective as they were able to learn about experiences of other young people in different parts of the world. 

The group used a Jamboard to share their ideas – it was very full! 

The next steps are for UN Human Rights Office to continue working on their report and then in June, share a draft with an opportunity for young people to comment. Again, Woodcraft Folk is encouraging groups to take part in the consultation as an organisation that is passionate about promoting children’s rights and educating young people about what to do if they feel their rights are not being met, recognised or respected. 

You can find out more about Woodcraft Folk’s dedication to making more aware of the rights of the child by visiting our Kids Got Rights page and checking out our toolkit and handbook. 

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