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Rainbow Resources

The Rainbow Resources toolkit, produced by IFM-SEI, brings together activities and session ideas exploring sexuality and gender from Woodcraft Folk and other progressive youth movements across Europe and beyond. The publication is the result of more than a decade of work by IFM-SEI’s Rainbow Network, and the team who have been responsible for delivering the international ‘Queer Easter’ seminars annually at the Kurt Loewenstein Education Centre in Germany.

Sexual rights are human rights, but are often overlooked within rights education programmes for young people. These resources are seek to address this gap, and ensure that our groups are places where young people can explore what makes a good relationship, so that they can build healthy relationships in the future.

This pack can also be downloaded from the IFM-SEI website in a range of other languages, including French, German, Spanish and Finnish.

Group sizes
Activity types
Age suitability
Age suitability
Introduce yourself
A game for getting to know people
Exploring Stereotypes
Divide the Pioneers into groups of five or six. Give some of the groups task...
Analysing Advertisements
What to do Get into groups of 2 or 3 and give each group an...
The cover of the 'Rainbow Resources' toolkit, depicting a six-colour rainbow around the IFM-SEI logo


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