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Take Action for our Planet Badgework

What is this all about?

This badgework has been funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry to help young people learn about and explore how chemistry and science can help us make positive change towards our earth’s future.

We know our groups already do lots of important activities about the climate crisis and many have taken social action to help promote change. This badgework and activities aim to help groups further their scientific knowledge and understanding whilst also having fun!

Suggested badgework activities 

We would love for as many of our young members as possible to take part in earning the Take Action for our Planet badge. Not all groups are the same so feel free to choose activities that suit your group from the below ideas or think of some of your own that demonstrate chemistry against the climate crisis. We suggest completing at least 3 of these activities for your group to be awarded their badges.

Feel free to share any pictures or results of these activities to us at all registered Woodcraft Folk Pioneer and Venturer groups will have received cloth badges in the post. Please do get in touch if you would like to order more.

Group sizes
Activity types
Age suitability
Age suitability
Sea Ice
We know that sea levels are rising - help young members understand this with a...
Zero Emissions
Even just coming to Woodcraft Folk can have an impact on the environment - how...
Climate Negotiations
Can you collaborate effectively with others to secure a deal before time runs out for...
Climate Chaos
An energetic, visual way for your group to explore the science behind the greenhouse effect...
Energy Efficient
An energetic energy game
Trees people and CO2
In this variation of Goblins, Wizards and Giants see whether the trees can win against...
Face Your Carbon Elephant
Face the elephant in the room and discuss carbon usage with your group
Make a Energy Action Plan
Discuss as a group ways that reduce their use of energy. Then make plans or...
Greenhouse Cinema
This activity is all about learning about global warming. Start by asking question such as...
Fireworks are great to look at but not so great for our environment. Can you...


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