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Trees people and CO2


This is a variation of Goblins, Wizards and Giants.

There are two groups; in each round one group will try to catch members of the other group. When someone is caught, they join the other group. Each group decides on one of three roles in each round (without telling the others). Then the groups stand in two lines facing each other. On the signal, they ‘perform’ their roles by doing the action specified below. The group whose role beats the other chases the other group to their side of the room (or a defined line if you’re outside) and tries to catch any they can from the other team. If both have chosen the same role, they have to go back into their groups to decide on a role again.

The three roles are: people, trees and CO2.
• People beat trees (by cutting them down)
• Trees beat CO2 (by sucking it up)
• CO2 beats people (by creating climate change)

Actions for each role:
• Trees – swaying arms above the head
• People – chopping down a tree with an axe
• CO2 – rising from the earth into the atmosphere (doing a ‘star jump’ jumping up with arms and legs spread widely)

Play until everyone is on one team or until the group want to move on.

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