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Co-operative Crafts

Set the group a project where the success depends on listening to each other.

Change the Situation

A drama activity using forum theatre techniques where participants act out how they would change scenarios they are not happy with

Pronoun Round

This activity introduces the concept of non-binary genders and non-binary pronouns. It
shows the importance of self-identifcation of gender and gets the participants to think about the
consequences of misgendering others.

Odd One Out

To explore exclusion and bullying and how it makes people fee

Equity: Lucky Number

What to do Ask each participant to take turns to roll a dice. The facilitator gives them the number of playing cards from the pack equal to the number on the dice rolled. repeat this for a few rounds until you can see a clear difference in how many cards the participants have Ask the […]

Group Drawing

Create a drawing from verbal and non verbal instructions

Talking you down

What to do Ask everyone to get into pairs and face each other. Tell them all that they are going to talk about a topic. Give them a few choices; school, TV, music etc. They are not to listen to the other person. In fact, they want the other person to stop talking, so they […]

Listen to Me!

promote a discussion with your group about structures which will promote fair and full participation from
individuals in the group.

Co-operative Squares

Reasons for doing this activity: • Co-operation. • Communication. • To begin a discussion on how co-operative groups are run. Before you start Print the co-operative squares handout enough times so that each small group has one complete set. Cut the squares up along the dark black lines and divide the pieces up according to […]


Get your group moving around and making shapes of objects using their bodies.

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