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Our group activities at your fingertips — search by age group, how big your group is, the kind of activity you want to do or the topic you want to explore. If you want activities to do at home, check out Dream Big at Home, our home activities site.

Socially distanced activities
Socially distanced activities
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Age suitability
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arrow made of sticks

History Gap

Take a walk in your local area and consider who the streets and parks are named after. Is there a history gap?

Take a step forward

Play different roles to show privilege in society.
Children playing a clapping game


A short activity using coloured stickers to divide people that introduces the concept of ‘othering’ and its role in conflicts.

Back of the Bus Remix

Throughout history protest songs have brought people together and inspired action for social change.
group of teenagers having a discussion

Finding Common Ground

This activity will help find out what everyone in the group has in common
group of teenagers having a discussion

Hand Evaluation

A hand evaluation is a good way to get people to think about an activity or event you have just done or attended and give constructive feedback.  It is a visual way to collect young people’s views on what you have done.
Children playing a clapping game

The Results Driven Structure

Half the group blindfolded and half cannot speak. Can they work together to re-create a tower?
Children playing a clapping game

Group Standing

Can your group stand up together?
group of teenagers having a discussion

Town Council Meeting

A simulation of different methods of participation to influence a decision about how to spend money in the community, culminating in a town council meeting where a vote is taken.
group of teenagers having a discussion

Talking you down

Children playing a clapping game


Get your group moving around and making shapes of objects using their bodies.

The Magic Machine

Turn your group into a magic machine to help everyone feel special and happy.

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