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Hand Evaluation


A hand evaluation is a good way to get people to think about an activity or event you have just done or attended and give constructive feedback.  It is a visual way to collect young people’s views on what you have done.

What to do

Ensure everyone has a piece of paper and a pen. Now ask everyone to draw around their hand.

Hand Evaluation

Ask each participant to record the following on the fingers of their hand:

  1. Thumb – something good, something they enjoyed
  2. Index finger – something they would like to point out (could be good or bad)
  3. Middle finger – something bad, something they did not enjoy
  4. Ring finger – something they will treasure from the activity/event
  5. Little finger – something little they want to add (could be good or bad
  6. Palm – A prediction for the future – What they are going to do next?

Resources Required

Paper, pens


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