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Co-operative Crafts

Set the group a project where the success depends on listening to each other.

Change the Situation

A drama activity using forum theatre techniques where participants act out how they would change scenarios they are not happy with

Pronoun Round

This activity introduces the concept of non-binary genders and non-binary pronouns. It
shows the importance of self-identifcation of gender and gets the participants to think about the
consequences of misgendering others.

Equity: Lucky Number

What to do Ask each participant to take turns to roll a dice. The facilitator gives them the number of playing cards from the pack equal to the number on the dice rolled. repeat this for a few rounds until you can see a clear difference in how many cards the participants have Ask the […]

Talking you down

What to do Ask everyone to get into pairs and face each other. Tell them all that they are going to talk about a topic. Give them a few choices; school, TV, music etc. They are not to listen to the other person. In fact, they want the other person to stop talking, so they […]

Co-operative Squares

Reasons for doing this activity: • Co-operation. • Communication. • To begin a discussion on how co-operative groups are run. Before you start Print the co-operative squares handout enough times so that each small group has one complete set. Cut the squares up along the dark black lines and divide the pieces up according to […]

White Poppy Wreaths

Make a white poppy wreath to mark Remembrance Day and remember all victims of war

Messages for Peace

Create a display of messages on White Poppies for your group to express what peace means to them

The Magic Machine

Turn your group into a magic machine to help everyone feel special and happy.

Co-operative Volleyball

Play a ball game and have a discussion with your group about the usefulness or otherwise of rules

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