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Same But Different


This activity supports Elfins to start thinking about people who might seek sanctuary in the UK, what they need and how we can help them. It also helps them see the differences and similarities of people within the group and get to know each other better.
Draw a chalk circle on the floor, or make one in string, about the size of a group circle.

What to do

Ask everyone to stand just outside the circle, and to jump into it when a statement is read that applies to them.

Read each of the following statements (you could change the statements to make them more relevant to your Elfins), giving everyone time to jump into the circle and move out again:
• I have brown eyes
• I have short hair
• I support a football team
• I’m good at drawing
• I don’t like cheese
• I’ve been to a Woodcraft Folk camp
• I think Woodcraft Folk is fun etc.

Then pause, and read the second set of statements:
• I need food
• I need clean water
• I need my family
• I need a home
• I need to feel safe
• I need to learn things
• I need to be healthy

Everyone should jump into the circle for the statements in the second set

Explain that the first statements show how everyone is different, and these differences make us individuals with experiences and opinions that should be respected.

The second set of statements show that there are some basic needs that all human beings have. We all have a right to these things, but for some people these rights get lost/taken away when there is war, disaster, discrimination or prejudice in their community.

That’s why some people leave their country in search of a safer, healthier place.

Look at Time To Flee which is the next activity in this group night plan to educate Elfins about refugee issues.

Resources Required

chalk or string


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