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Woodcraft Crumble


What to do

Open a discussion about recipes. Perhaps, in anticipation of this workshop, your group might have cooked something on a previous group night.

Ask the group:

  • have you ever cooked anything? at camp/home/school/group night?
  • What ingredients were needed?
  • What if one of the ingredients had been left out (a cake with no sugar, bread with no yeast etc.)?
  • Was there any equipment they needed – bowls, oven etc?
  • How did they use the ingredients to make their food?
  • Was the way in which they mixed the ingredients important?

Explain that you are going to write a Woodcraft Group recipe and brainstorm ingredients and equipment. Children, fun, games, camping, leaders, community room etc.

Break them up into smaller groups or individuals and get each group to write a recipe.

You could use the recipes as the basis for posters. Discuss with the children what would happen to their recipe if one of the ingredients was removed. Would it still be a Woodcraft Crumble? Why not?

Resources Required

Pen and Paper or Computer


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