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White Poppy Wreaths

Make a white poppy wreath to mark Remembrance Day and remember all victims of war

Messages for Peace

Create a display of messages on White Poppies for your group to express what peace means to them

The Magic Machine

Turn your group into a magic machine to help everyone feel special and happy.

Co-operative Volleyball

Play a ball game and have a discussion with your group about the usefulness or otherwise of rules

Map Symbols

See how your group would represent places on a map, then match with the real OS symbols

Vote for your favourite Membership Badge Design for 2023

Each year Woodcraft Folk make a new pin badge to send to all members. The theme for this year’s design was ‘Unity’, and we received many beautiful, creative and inspiring designs, truly showing that the children and young people at Woodcraft Folk believe in the importance of unity, cooperation and respect. Our secret panel of […]

Making a Flag or Banner

Create a flag or banner for your group or district to take to events or camps. How you do this is completely up to your group! Perhaps there are some group members who are particularly artistic and have skills they could teach others. Perhaps the group has a particular use for the flag/banner in mind, […]

Barriers to peace

An activity where groups design their own walls to explore their function in conflict situations and how they
affect people.

Selective Simon

Variation of simon says – pay attention to find out something new about your friends

How to resolve conflict

Give out copies of the How to Resolve Conflict sheets. Ask the participants to describe and share a variety of conflicts that commonly occur at the group, at home or at school. List these on a flip chart sheet. Select two or three of these ideas and discuss how the steps for resolving conflicts could […]

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