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Pronoun Round


This activity introduces the concept of non-binary genders and non-binary pronouns. It
shows the importance of self-identifcation of gender and gets the participants to think about the
consequences of misgendering others.

What to do

Stand or sit in a circle

Explain to the group that a pronoun is something we use in language instead of someone’s name and that there are many different pronouns, e.g. more common ones like she/her and he/him but others such as they (singular), hen or ze/zir for people who don’t feel like they ft into the categories of man or woman

Ask all of the group members to introduce themselves using their name and the pro nouns they like others to use.

Take it Further

Make name badges with pronouns on as well as names. This will help for everyone in the group to be able to express which pronouns they want others to use when referring to them as well as a creative activity.

Discussion questions

  • Can you always tell which pronoun someone likes you to use by looking at them? Why or why not?
  • Why is it important to know which pronouns people like to use? Why it is important to use them?
  • How might it make someone feel if you use the wrong pronoun for them?

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