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White Poppy Wreaths


Before you start

You will need to gather materials to create your white poppy wreaths.

Woodcraft Folk groups can order a White Poppy Wreath Kit from the shop on the Peace Pledge Union website. Free wreath kits are available to Woodcraft Folk groups via the Peace Pledge Union website (limited number available, with small postage fee). Group leaders can enter this discount code for their free kit: PEACEEDUCATION  

If you cannot order the pack or want to be creative and unique with your approach you could create the below making your own white poppies, using wire/string, natural materials, paper and pens (and whatever else comes to your group’s creative mind)!

What to do

Start the activity by discussing the meaning of Remembrance Day with your group. Ask them:

  • Who do they think is typically remembered?
  • Why is it important to remember victims of war?
  • Why do official remembrance events focus on military victims? 
  • Does anyone know about white poppies?

Introduce or remind the group about the three meanings of the white poppy:

  • Remembering all victims of war, both civilian and military
  • Challenging militarism
  • Building a culture of peace

Separate into groups of 3-4. If you are creating one wreath as a whole group, each small group should carry out one of the tasks below, if you are making more than one wreath, the groups should go through to make their wreath as full and creative as possible.

If you have ordered the PPU pack you will have a willow ring to be the base of your wreath. If making your own, start by collecting sticks to make a circle base for your wreath or use a wreath base.

Using the wire in the pack (or your own wire, string or thread) thread the white poppies onto the wreath base. If you don’t have the PPU pack you could make your own white poppies from paper, card or fabric.

Cut out a circle of card to go in the middle of the wreath. Write a message on the card or draw a picture representing remembrance of all victims or war. Punch 4 holes around the edge and attach the circle to the middle of the wreath with wire.

To add to your wreaths you could encourage the group to gather fallen autumn leaves to add to the wreath. Choose leaves with long stems. Thread these into the wreath along with the white poppies.

You could add other decorations to your wreath such as messages of peace or ideas of how to get to a more peaceful future.

Take it Further

Gather the group around the wreath to reflect on the meaning of remembrance and the white poppy. At the end of the discussion, observe a minute’s silence.

Let us know what you are up to, when sharing on social media use #WhitePoppies

Resources Required

Materials to make a white poppy wreath, either pack from PPU or


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