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Town Council Meeting

A simulation of different methods of participation to influence a decision about how to spend money in the community, culminating in a town council meeting where a vote is taken.

Change the Situation

A drama activity using forum theatre techniques where participants act out how they would change scenarios they are not happy with

Gender, Me and Us

This activity allows participants to analyse what sexism means to them. This activity will also get participants to think about solutions and possible reactions to challenging sexism.

White Poppy Wreaths

Make a white poppy wreath to mark Remembrance Day and remember all victims of war

Messages for Peace

Create a display of messages on White Poppies for your group to express what peace means to them

Never Again

What to do Ask the group if they have heard the phrase ‘never again’? Why do they think people say this on Remembrance Day? Ninety years ago, people first started wearing white poppies to hold on to this message, ‘never again,’ because of the terrible effects of the First World War. Show the group a […]


Attempt to make cakes to simulate the unequal distribution of resources and understand how conflicts can develop.

Vote for your favourite Membership Badge Design for 2023

Each year Woodcraft Folk make a new pin badge to send to all members. The theme for this year’s design was ‘Unity’, and we received many beautiful, creative and inspiring designs, truly showing that the children and young people at Woodcraft Folk believe in the importance of unity, cooperation and respect. Our secret panel of […]

Children’s Alliance – Venturers

This Session aims to equip Venturers with the knowledge and skills to add their voice to and prioritise to the Children’s Alliances demands, including that for a Cabinet Minister for Children and Young People.

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