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Vote for your favourite Membership Badge Design for 2023

Each year Woodcraft Folk make a new pin badge to send to all members. The theme for this year’s design was ‘Unity’, and we received many beautiful, creative and inspiring designs, truly showing that the children and young people at Woodcraft Folk believe in the importance of unity, cooperation and respect. Our secret panel of […]

Children’s Alliance – Venturers

This Session aims to equip Venturers with the knowledge and skills to add their voice to and prioritise to the Children’s Alliances demands, including that for a Cabinet Minister for Children and Young People.

Taking to the Streets

get into small groups to discuss and rank which topics would make them ‘Most Likely to Take to the Streets’ or ‘Least Likely to Take to the Streets’.

Play your role

Debate a hot topic with some helpful, and some less helpful participants

Share a Skill

Instructions Firstly ask the group to think about what they each enjoy doing and what they think they are good at. You could also ask the group what they think each other are good at also. Remind the group that everyone has a different skill to share – it might seem easy to them but […]

Making a Flag or Banner

Create a flag or banner for your group or district to take to events or camps. How you do this is completely up to your group! Perhaps there are some group members who are particularly artistic and have skills they could teach others. Perhaps the group has a particular use for the flag/banner in mind, […]

What is Violence?

Introduce young people to the topic of violence thought-provoking situations. You will be discussing different topics of violence in conflict and thinking about whether they consider the situation to be violent or not.

Analysing Advertisements

What to do Get into groups of 2 or 3 and give each group an advertisement (printed from the internet or from a magazine/newspaper), a large blank sheet of paper, a marker pen, glue and a set of questions. Each group should glue their advertisement onto the paper and spend 15 minutes discussing the questions, […]

Circle Pile-up

Get everyone onto the same chair for a circle pile up!

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