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How many Pioneers can you fit on a Pioneer?


What to do

Firstly, divide the group into two teams and set them the following task. The first time they do it, the groups must carry the task out straight away, but the second time give them five minutes to think up a strategy.

The task
The team must cross an open space in as short a time as possible, but each person, except the last person must be carried across. If a person being carried touches the ground, the whole team has to return to their starting point. Only one person can be walking or crawling across at a time.

Once the game starts they must carry this task out in silence.

Discussion questions

Afterwards, have a discussion about how the groups decided to solve this problem.

  • Was it more successful the second time?
  • Did they learn from their first experience?
  • Would they be better at it if they did it again?
  • When developing a strategy was it important to hear everyone out?
  • When they were doing it the first time, did everyone get a say in how things should be done?
  • Was communication difficult?
  • Did anyone take the lead?
  • Did everyone feel that they had their say?
  • Did someone think that there was a better way of doing it?
  • Did everything go as planned?
  • Was it hard to work in silence?
  • If things didn’t go well, how did that feel?
  • Would people like the group to be directed by a leader or is it better if everyone has their say?
  • Are there any disadvantages to letting everyone have their say?

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