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Finding Common Ground


Start by explaining to the group that this activity will help find out what everyone in the group has in common. Remind them that this activity is about being honest about what they have in common with each other.

Start by getting into pairs, once in their pairs they should find 5 things they have in common (for example, they both like chocolate, both live in Cambridge, both wearing black shorts, they are the same age, they would both like to go to space). Once all groups have come up with 5 things ask a couple of pairs to share. 

Next the pairs should find another pair, forming a group of 4. They will have 5 minutes to find 5 things they all have in common. Stop the time after 5 minutes. Ask the group

  • Did you find 5 things? 
  • Did you use some of the same things?
  • What has changed now your group is bigger? 

Ask the groups of 4 to find another group of 4 (making a group of 8). They must find 6 things that all 8 people have in common (again, remind the group that they should be honest and be kind if people disagree and keep thinking of things they can find in common). After another 5 minutes ask some of the groups to share. Ask the group if it is getting easier or harder to find things in common? Are they disagreeing more or less?

Keep bringing the groups together until there is just one group. Ask the group to find 5 things they all have in common (if you think they can, ask them to find 10). 

Discussion questions:

  • What was easy about this activity?
  • What was challenging about this activity?
  • Was it easy to think of things you have in common?
  • Did it get easier or harder as the groups got bigger?

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