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Hand Evaluation

A hand evaluation is a good way to get people to think about an activity or event you have just done or attended and give constructive feedback.  It is a visual way to collect young people’s views on what you have done.

Vote for your favourite Membership Badge Design for 2023

Each year Woodcraft Folk make a new pin badge to send to all members. The theme for this year’s design was ‘Unity’, and we received many beautiful, creative and inspiring designs, truly showing that the children and young people at Woodcraft Folk believe in the importance of unity, cooperation and respect. Our secret panel of […]

Eco Bricks

Single use plastic causes pollutes the natural environment – make your own Eco Bricks to capture and reuse harmful plastic waste!

Sea Ice

We know that sea levels are rising – help young members understand this with a visual explanation

Pond Dipping

Explore your local pond and take a closer look at the weird and wonderful creatures that make it their home!

Colour Palette

Start to consider the idea of biodiversity with your group by exploring the variety of colours you can find in your local environment

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