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Colour Palette


You’ll need access to an outdoor area for this activity. Agree some guidelines with young people about what they should and shouldn’t forage – scarce wildflowers, or those growing singly should not be picked.

What to do

  1. Before you start, cover the squares of card with double-sided tape – prepare enough for one card per participant.
  2. Give each person a piece of card, and ask them to explore the area and pick up natural objects in as many different colours as they can, and stick them to their piece of card.
  3. Ask them to come back together and share what they have found with the whole group. You could work together to identify any unusual items.

Take it Further

You could go on to create a display of the cards, or a piece of art using more materials in the different colours that you have collected. Look at the work of artists like James Brunt, Mathilde Roussel or Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration, or try the Japanese technique hapa zome.

Resources Required

Card, cut into small pieces (about 3cm square), Double-sided tape


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